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The hub of wintertime social scene.

The Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands are the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles chain in the West Indies. The name is due to the fact that these islands were "leeward", that is down wind, to the old sailing ships when they arrived in the West Indies, and could be reached from there by easily sailing with the wind.

They are now the smartest part of the Caribbean, the place to be seen in the winter months.

     The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are the western island group of the Leeward Islands in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles. It's an archipelago of small and mostly uninhabited islands that are expressly made for njoying a quiet and peaceful cruise on a luxury yacht. The Virgin Islands are a vacations paradise, providing superb waters for swimming, snorkelling, diving and sailing.

Virgin Gorda

U.S. Virgin Island

    U.S. Virgin Island

Starting from the U.S. Virgin Island, you can cruise from St Thomas to Christmas Cove for a swim, and then steam to the Island of St John to spend the evening in Leinster Bay. From there you can easily access Waterlemon Cay, which according to many tourists offers the best snorkelling on St John. This anchorage is situated within a national park and the fact that there are no lights ashore means that the stars appear especially bright.

Soper's Hole - Tortola

   British Virgin Islands

Enjoy a swim and breakfast before leaving for Soper's Hole at West End of Tortola. Soper's Hole is an extremely picturesque harbour and is said to have been the residence of Blakbeard when he was living in the British Virgin Islands. At Pusser's Landing you will find a number of boutiques, an array of charming restaurants and several great galleries. Nearby Norman Island is a great location for snorkelling amongst the caves.

Peter Island - BVI

Then sailing to the Peter Island Resort, the largest private island in the British Virgin Islands, you will enjoy a sumptuous lunch. In the afternoon, the world famous Baths of Virgin Gorda, a spectacular series of exotic pools and grottoes formed from giant boulders, are not to be missed. In the evening enjoy an aperitif at the nearby Little Dix resort, built by Rockefeller.

Bitter End - Virgin Gorda

Located on the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, Bitter End is uniquely situated along a mile of shorefront on the protected waters of the North Sound. The barefoot elegance that characterizes this island outpost is why Bitter End is regularly hailed as one of the top full service resorts in the world, and visitors can enjoy all manner of activities including sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing.


The island of Anegada is the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands and the only inhabited one formed from coral and limestone. While the other islands are mountainous, Anegada is flat and low. Here you can watch for whales and dolphins from the comfort of your yacht, or get even closer to the wonderful mammals swimming or snorkelling in the scenic Loblolly Bay.

   Antigua and Barbuda

English Harbour - Antigua


Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands. Named by Christopher Columbus, Antigua is known for its beaches and colonial sites which include Shirley Heights, a rambling array of gun emplacements and military buildings offering breathtaking views over the English Harbour. The sister island of Barbuda has shell laden beaches so long that they dip below the horizon. Easily a week could be spent cruising around this picturesque islands of the Caribbean.

   St. Barts

St. Barth's

St. Barth's    St. Barth's

Do not miss St. Barts, playground of the rich and famous and home to some pristine beaches, gourmet restaurants and some great clothes shopping. Amongst the islands celebrated resorts, Anse des Flamands offers a lovely beach and a superb restaurant for lunch ashore and horseback riding is also available. St Barts is also a great location for scuba diving and snorkelling and amongst the bountiful marine-life you can spot nurse sharks, lobsters and conch.

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